Mini Recycled Paper Cross

Recycled Paper Art Cross

I guess my website being down gave me more time to entertain my recently acquired coiled paper addiction.  Many of my lovely readers were quite smitten by the cross wall art, here.  I have received a lot of positive feedback, including several of you pointing out what a great Christmas gifts this would make.  That is so very true.  It got me thinking about how much time I invested in that one piece and how if you’re planning to have several of these to give as gifts, get started yesterday!  That is when I decided to make a little cross, perfect for an ornament, and for all year around – way quicker to make.

Recycled Paper Art

See the above link for the tutorial on making the strips and coils.  Then just use the above pic as your guide for coil number and size.  Attach the coils to each other with a glue gun, then form the outline using strips, folding to crease at the cross corners!

Recycled Paper Cross

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