3D Snowman Framed Art

Let it Snow Christmas Wall Art

Oh my, I am loving these paper spheres.  Here, I showed you garland made from stringing them together.  Today, I will show you how to make this precious snowman framed winter art.  This is a quick, easy project, perfect for those last minute Christmas gifts to check off of your list.  Can we say frugal?  Absolutely.  Pop on over to the dollar store and get some 8×10 frames.  Aside from that, all you need is paper, a printer, glue and some circle paper punches, or some other way to cut precise circles in 3 sizes.

Framed Christmas Art Tutorial

Christmas Paper Decorations


Cut out 3 circle sizes for each ball of the snowman.  You will need 12 of each size.  I used 3 circle punches: 1 inch, 1.75 inc and 2.8 inch.

Let it Snow Framed Winter Art

Fold the circles in half.  If you are using patterned paper, fold so that the patterned side is inside.

DIY Christmas Decor

Start gluing flaps of circles together until you have glued all 12 for each size:

How to make paper snowman
How to make paper snowman

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Once you have all of your snowman balls ready, print this file from Printable Decor onto 8.5×11 inch paper.  It is the “Let it Snow” text and the snowman hat and arms.  I used scrapbook paper, light blue with snowflakes for a wintery background and a snowy red for Christmas.  Keep in mind that if your circles are much different in size than mine, you will need to adjust the size of the background graphics.  I made mine for an 8×10 inch frame.

How to make paper Christmas decorations

Glue your half spheres onto the paper, lining them up with the hat and arms of the snowman you just printed onto decorative paper.  Frame and hang!  You are obviously not going to put the glass in when you frame it since you want your snowman to be 3D.

Paper Snowman Tutorial

Let it Snow Printable

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I am so excited to send these as Christmas gifts.  They are great decor for the entire winter season!

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