Mixed Media Wall Art Part 2; Faux Metal Technique

Faux Metal Effect On Frame
If you missed Part One of this 3 part series, check it out here.  This is a mixed media monogram wall art piece for a graduation gift.  Today’s tutorial will cover the technique I used to create the metallic textured effect on the previously black frame edge.  It is simple, quick and one of my favorite ways to repurpose old thrift store frames.  Grab your plastic grocery bags and join me.


  • Frame or other surface
  • Acrylic Gesso
  • Metallic acrylic paints (widely available at craft stores and Wal Mart)
  • foam or other brush to apply gesso
  • old plastic grocery bags


  • Apply gesso to the surface using foam brush.  This acts as a primer that accepts acrylic paint, and in this case is also used as a texturizing medium.  When the first coat of gesso dries, apply a second coat using a wadded up plastic bag.  This gives the texture seen in the finished piece, and is also the way you will be applying the metallic paints next.

Gesso Step Faux Metal Frame

Applying acrylic gesso with sponge brush

Zebra print frame painted with gesso

  • Using a new plastic bag, begin applying your metallic colors.  A lot of people use glaze in this process to keep the paints wet longer for ease of blending.  Working with such a small area, I didn’t find that necessary.  Try it out if you find you would like more blending of your colors.  I dip the bag in each color, rotating it between dabbing it in the paints to give each color its own space on the plastic.  Then just dab away.  If you don’t like the look, add more or less of a specific color and go over the section again and again.

Metallic paints for faux metal effect

Plastic bag for applying paints

Applying metallic paint to frame with plastic bag

Metallic paint on frame

Metallic paint on frame

That is it.  I spray krylon clear coat for the finish.  Here is a before and an after of the completed mixed media monogram wall art.  Part 3 of this tutorial will cover the making of the copper tag “2011”.  Get your alcohol inks ready and I will see you tomorrow…

Zebra Print Frame

Monogram Wall Art

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