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Photo to Art – Grunge Cartoon and Oil Paint

Here is what I worked on today. Awesome high school senior picture (first pic) was provided. I created an grungy cartoon (2nd image) and an oil painting (final pic). Kinda difficult to see the detail. Click for larger views.
Other than that, still on track for Bible in 90 Days. Still revamping my blog site. Bring on the html…

Blogger Code Tweaking; the Sites That Helped Me Survive…

For the past 48 hours, I have been swimming in html code, attempting to make my blog look just like I want it to look.

I have a medical degree – html is not something I know… even a little.
Could I have paid someone to do this for me and saved myself a lot of time? Yes. However, I do not regret my efforts. Although my page is not exactly where I want it, I learned much about coding, and about myself. Turns out I love playing with code. Putting that with my love for graphic design… web designer in the making? We’ll see. I never pictured myself in this area at all. Anything is possible.
Here, I would like to share the links that helped me the most in my changing code adventures…
  1. Get a 3 Column Blog: I originally had the blogger minima template. I wanted to go to three columns, which I learned via this tutorial at Three Column Blogger. It was very helpful, although I had to make my outer wrapper width smaller than its suggested 940px in order for my page to load correctly in my safari browser. I found it is wise to stay at 780px or less. Then I had to decrease my main wrapper, sidebar wrapper and new sidebar wrapper widths to fit within the 780px. I found a wonderful diagram explaining margin, padding, wrapper width and how to put them all together here at Blog Buster.
  2. Adding a Horizontal Nav Bar: As you see, there is now a horizontal nav bar under my page header pic. This web tutorial is the best I have ever seen, and really is why I am writing this post. Nicole at The Pixel Boutique did a superb job, and has my full attention.
  3. Adding background image: At Tips For New Bloggers, I found a great tut on this fairly simple tutorial (click here). There are many helpful tutorials on jazzing up your blog on this site.

I also found a site with a list of top blogger resources here at Blogger Plugins. I plan to make the background for my sidebars a different color than for my main post area. I am also considering placing both sidebars on the right and main post on left. Undecided. There are some widgets I plan to add, like blogs i heart, and so forth. I am trying to figure out how to put all of my favorite links in one spot accessible by a link in my new horizontal nav bar (which may just have a new background color next time you see it).

Ok, my husband is giving me that look. You know the one. The -are you seriously still on the computer… really- look!”
So grateful for all of the awesome tutorials I found out there. Much love!!

Custom Photos To Oil Painting

A client wanted an oil painting of her dog. The original pic was 4×6 in, and had some scratches and wearing.

I cleaned up the original, adjusted the background color and floor color so that they weren’t so similar. Then painted away in photoshop. I love doing this. It is a challenge, but so much less of a hassle than actual oil paints. And I don’t have to wait days and days for drying to happen. The final print is 11×14 at 300 ppi (super awesome high res for printing).

Free Download: Act of Love By Craigslist Seller That Lit My Heart…

It all started Tuesday, when Debbie and I went to the local auction (practice for our dream of owning a shop of treasures, hand picked and refurbished – more on this later). Debbie was in the market for a set of 4 barstools and had a budget of $100 or less in mind…

After a long day of hunting, she decided to return to the auction Wed morning to bid on 4 barstools that would do. She was eventually outbid and left empty handed, resigned to borrowing her friend’s lone barstool for the time being…
Early friday morning, I was playing on my computer and the thought struck me that I should check out craigslist to see if my friend’s seating dilemma could be helped there. I came across an ad for 4 barstools, asking price $100 or best offer – hmmm. They looked awesome in the pic. Really nice wrought iron, with fabric on the cushion that would coordinate perfectly with Debbie’s decor. So, I called the seller. A nice woman, said she would hold them for my friend (even though I explained my friend hadn’t seen the ad, and wouldn’t be off work until later in the evening.) The seller, we will call her Bee, was in no hurry. I offered to pay immediately with paypal, but she said “Don’t worry about it. I trust you.” Now this was unlike most of my craigslist encounters. Many, including myself, tend to be of the “whoever gets here and pays first…”.
I call Debbie, who is delivering mail in the much anticipated winter storm. She contacts the seller later that evening, and we make the 40 mile trip the following day. My husband came along and once we arrived at Bee’s house, he asked if she would take $75. She said “sure” without hesitation. She was kind and helpful, and had even just cleaned the upholstery on the stools for us. I felt a warmth from her that was comforting and welcoming.
After we load the seats into the car and are on the way out the door, Bee hands Debbie and I both an envelope and smiles, tells us to take care and thanks us.
We were both equally confused as to why the woman was giving us greeting cards. When we opened them, we found the sunset greeting card, along with a $5 (see first picture above).
The three of us were shocked at the woman’s thoughtfulness and kindness. Not to mention, one of my favorite Bible verses ever was there, with a “pass it on” message. My name is “Saved By Love Creations”, and love is the answer, no matter what the question!
I know as I went about the rest of my day, I was more aware of others, and deliberate in showing love and kindness. My light shone brighter as a result of this craigslist seller, and maybe I lit someone else’s fire… and they someone else’s… a love cascade!
I often get so preoccupied in the daily grind that I forget to be of loving service to others. I would like to share a piece of artwork (second picture above) I did, inspired by the same verse in the above card. Feel free to print/download… click here. PASS IT ON!!

Quilted Wall Hanging

My first quilted wall hanging, inspired by an organization that has helped millions.

This was fun and easy. Debbie hooked me up with a bunch of old fabric scraps and I was on my way. I made the circle triangle in the center in photoshop, then printed it on fabric made for inkjet printers. I attached the pieces, layered and quilted, then attached a dowel rod and ribbon to the back for the hanger. I am super excited about mixing my love for graphic design with fabric for customized funky wall hangings. Busy girl. Busy…


Inspired Photoshop Grunge Art

God’s faithfulness abounds! Feeling inspired and blessed. Some of my favorite verses, + photoshop…

These are done using many layers and some cool halftone brushes I found here at Brusheezy. For free. Many things are going on currently. Still on track with Bible in 90 Days. Tutorials and giveaways coming! Blessings and joy…

Awesome Fabric/scrapbook paper Giveaways at Creative Place…

Ashley at Creative Place has great giveaway going on (click here). Her blog is amazing, so look around, but only if you like things that rock…

First Attempt at a Quilt… Project FInished

So here it is. Not bad for a first time. It only took 5 days from beginning to end. And that included touching a sewing machine for the first time.
I got frustrated at some point, because the in almost all of the instructions I found during this process really emphasized perfection. I was getting stress at imperfect seems, alignment, puckering… By the time I got to the binding, I quit fighting the fact that I am kinda sloppy, and really just wanted it finished and on my bed 🙂
It got more fun at that point. If you examine closely, and imperfections bother you, you will be horrified. I am just so excited to have this piece to accent my room, and inspiration for all kinds of sewing projects spinning in my mind. Making stuff rocks. Blessings,