Blogger Code Tweaking; the Sites That Helped Me Survive…

For the past 48 hours, I have been swimming in html code, attempting to make my blog look just like I want it to look.

I have a medical degree – html is not something I know… even a little.
Could I have paid someone to do this for me and saved myself a lot of time? Yes. However, I do not regret my efforts. Although my page is not exactly where I want it, I learned much about coding, and about myself. Turns out I love playing with code. Putting that with my love for graphic design… web designer in the making? We’ll see. I never pictured myself in this area at all. Anything is possible.
Here, I would like to share the links that helped me the most in my changing code adventures…
  1. Get a 3 Column Blog: I originally had the blogger minima template. I wanted to go to three columns, which I learned via this tutorial at Three Column Blogger. It was very helpful, although I had to make my outer wrapper width smaller than its suggested 940px in order for my page to load correctly in my safari browser. I found it is wise to stay at 780px or less. Then I had to decrease my main wrapper, sidebar wrapper and new sidebar wrapper widths to fit within the 780px. I found a wonderful diagram explaining margin, padding, wrapper width and how to put them all together here at Blog Buster.
  2. Adding a Horizontal Nav Bar: As you see, there is now a horizontal nav bar under my page header pic. This web tutorial is the best I have ever seen, and really is why I am writing this post. Nicole at The Pixel Boutique did a superb job, and has my full attention.
  3. Adding background image: At Tips For New Bloggers, I found a great tut on this fairly simple tutorial (click here). There are many helpful tutorials on jazzing up your blog on this site.

I also found a site with a list of top blogger resources here at Blogger Plugins. I plan to make the background for my sidebars a different color than for my main post area. I am also considering placing both sidebars on the right and main post on left. Undecided. There are some widgets I plan to add, like blogs i heart, and so forth. I am trying to figure out how to put all of my favorite links in one spot accessible by a link in my new horizontal nav bar (which may just have a new background color next time you see it).

Ok, my husband is giving me that look. You know the one. The -are you seriously still on the computer… really- look!”
So grateful for all of the awesome tutorials I found out there. Much love!!
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