Crochet Rug Pattern

[pinit] [pinit]   I am dying to make this crochet mandala rug I found at Craft Tuts.  The free rug crochet pattern is pretty simple, and uses t-shirt yarn! … [Read more...]

50+ Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bags

[pinit] [pinit] Today I am going to blow your mind with over 50 things to make using plastic bags. You know, the kind that are piling up in trash cans landfills in an epidemic fashion? Turns out you can make some amazing jewerly, home decor and other accessories with this abundant and overlooked … [Read more...]

Crochet Ombre Coasters

[pinit] Are you ready to add a quick, gorgeous splash of color to your home decor, and welcome in the spring?  These ombre crochet coasters are just the project.  Wink shares the easy crochet pattern at Craft Tuts+.  I am in the middle of a crochet chevron blanket I started like 8 thousand years … [Read more...]

Knit a Bow Ring

[pinit] I found this adorable knit bow ring pattern at One Sheepish Girl, and just had to share it with you guys.  This project is quick, super cheap and easy.  What a great stash buster to use up you leftover yarn scraps.  The little bow rings would make perfect party gifts for a girls night.  … [Read more...]

Make a T-shirt Rug

Here is a take on making a rug from recycled T-shirts.  If you have basic crochet skills, and access to old t-shirts, you are set.  This is a perfect project for curling up by the fire for a night of cozy creating!  Go see One Dog Woof for the how to. Want more T-shirt crafts?  There is a 50+ for … [Read more...]

Knit Bracelets + Free Pattern

Are you looking for fast, easy, inexpensive bracelet that is perfect for fall?  Do you have tons of yarn skein remnants  you have been hoarding for just the right little project?  This post is for you.   Many would be knitters are turned off  by how long it takes to finish a project.  I personally … [Read more...]

50+ (& growing) Bracelets to Make

The bracelet mania has crept into our 50+ round-ups here at Saved By Love Creations.  You will see a few I have made, and a ton that inspire me.  I hope you enjoy these projects and this round-up as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.  I would love to chat more, but there are bracelets to be made … [Read more...]

Haylie’s Handmade – Crochet Meets Compassion

This is one of the most exciting features I have been blessed to share with you here at SBLC.  My family and I headed out for some Saturday morning garage sales and our very first stop was quite the treat.  We happened to spy a sign that said craft sale, so we tracked down the address, and here is … [Read more...]

Yarn Bomb Comes to Town

Have you had the chance to see a yarn bomb in person?  I have been fascinated with these urban landscape upgrades since I first ran across a post about them, not only because yarn art is just beautiful, but because of the commitment involved in installing these things.  If you have knitted or … [Read more...]

Knitted Hat With Garter Stitch Brim and Flower

I am crushing on this cute hat with flower embellishment, big time.  It is so fun to wear and simple to knit.  I knitted the hat last year, then crocheted the flower recently to jazz things up a bit.  It is the perfect addition and I am excited to share how I did it with you.  If you make your own, … [Read more...]