Yarn Bomb Comes to Town

art with yarnHave you had the chance to see a yarn bomb in person?  I have been fascinated with these urban landscape upgrades since I first ran across a post about them, not only because yarn art is just beautiful, but because of the commitment involved in installing these things.  If you have knitted or crocheted, you know what I am talking about.  While it can be meditative and relaxing, lets face it, it is time consuming.  I admire the selflessness of someone willing to give themselves in this way to beautify their surroundings, fiber style.

How thrilled was I when on my visit to downtown, I parked my car next to this tree cozy on Friday?

yarn bombIt sits in front of a splendid local yarn store, Yarns Unlimited.  I decided to go inside, and see if I could locate those responsible for this particular yarn bomb, and wouldn’t you know it… there they were!

Yarns UnlimitedThe central knitting table was surround by six ladies, needles moving, conversation and laughter flowing.  “Did you do that?”, I asked pointing to the stylish tree.  They explained there were several contributors, each knitting a piece that was unique to their particular style.  One loves chunky yarn, so her contributions were thick and made with huge needles, another crocheted her part, and another used multiple colors.  Together they pieced their portions around the tree, commemorating their individual uniqueness and group unity, while brightening their community.

yarn bombBravo ladies!  How I would love to have participated.  I may just have to join their cozy table and hope they plan a 2nd bombing.  If you are local or ever in town, be sure and visit this store.  There are amazing pieces of fiber art, from footstools to wreaths, even wire crocheted pendants and hanging yarn globes… a definite yarn lover’s paradise.  They offer several classes, even some for free, so go on over and treat your creative self.   You know you want to see it in person.

hanging yarn globe

knitted footstool

fiber art

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