Make Kumihimo Braided Necklaces


How to make a Kumihimo Necklace Cord #jewelry #DIY @savedbyloves

I showed you kumihimo bracelets awhile back.  Here, I used the same loom weaving technique to create the cording for these pendants.  You can pretty much use any fiber for your 8 strands, from hemp cord to fun yarn, which makes this a great stash buster project to help use up those yarn scraps.  This post shows how to create 2 different pendant cords, with a video on how to use the loom, and set up instructions for the cords pictured.


Kumihimo 32 slot foam round loom

Metal cone beads

Metal cone beads

Jewelry Glue or super glue

20 gauge wire in finish to match toggle and cones

Wire cutters

 Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

See pics for cording supplies and loom placement:

How to make a Kumihimo Necklace Cord #jewelry #DIY @savedbyloves

How to make a Kumihimo Necklace Cord #jewelry #DIY @savedbyloves


Gather your 8 strands and tie an overhand knot at one end.  Arrange the 8 strands on the loom as shown, with the knot in the hole in the middle.  I keep similar colors in pairs, but play with your string arrangement for different effects.  There are tons of online patterns for free as well.

How to make a friendship bracelet

This video explains how to weave.  Arrange cord as shown for your necklace.  For length of cord, multiply desired finished length by 2 and add 3 inches.


This is the finishing technique shown on a bracelet.  It is the same for the pendant necklace, except you slide the pendant on before adding the wire and cone to the second end,

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