Easy Fried Green Tomato Recipe

Easy Fried Green Tomatoes

 This year my tomatoes are taking their own sweet time ripening to the red that we all know and love.  That, combined with the fried food theme at last week’s Bible study pitch in, prompted me to make fried green tomatoes for the first time ever.  I would make them everyday if eating fried food didn’t creep me out so much.  They were simply delicious.

How to make Fried Green Tomatoes

I bought a cheapo deep fryer a couple of years ago to Mr. SBLC his beloved chicken wings (See Amazing Hot Wings Recipe).

Here is the recipe I used (from My Recipes):  Fried Green Tomatoes

I followed it exactly except I dropped mine in the deep fryer for 2 minutes instead of frying on the stove.

They are sooooo yummy, I am hooked.  We have tons more green tomatoes out there, just waiting to be battered and fried!

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