Spray Paint Mason Jar Chandelier Update

[pinit]DIY mason jar chandelier farmhouse style[pinit]

Do you have an outdated brass chandelier that makes you sad every time you look at it?  I did.  It was even worse hanging over that sweet DIY farmhouse table and benches I shared with you last week.  Finding a replacement for that light has been a priority since moving here, and it has happened!  Find out how I made this beautiful mason jar chandelier for $10!

DIY Chandelier Update



Cut mason jars (See How to Cut Mason Jars) with lids

The Original Style Vintage Bulb

Vintage Light Bulbs

Scissors for cutting metal (I use Tim Holtz Tonic)

Sharpie or other permanent marker

Krylon Dual Oil Rubbed Bronze


Outdated brass chandelier

Just to show you what we are replacing!

Thrift Store Chandelier Update

I found this guy for just $10!

How to make a mason jar chandelier

I removed the lamp shades that came with it and unscrewed this white circular piece.

How to make a mason jar light

How to make a chandelierI used the white piece smaller side to trace for cutting a hole in the mason jar canning lid insert.

Cut a hole in mason jar lid

As you can see, this doesn’t have to be pretty.  It will be covered.  So long as it fits over the socket and the white piece will hold it in place.

Place cut lid on socket

Here you can see the outer ring of the canning lid, then the inner part with the hole we cut and slid over the socket, then the white ring screwed back into place to hold it all together.

Spray Paint Krylon Dual Oil Rubbed Bronze

I started to spray without attaching the jar lids, but then realized that was just silly.  Attach everything except the jars and bulbs, then spray paint!  If you can suspend the chandelier somehow, to get the underneath side good, that is best.  We used a bungee cord and hung it in our garage (annoyed husband and suspended chandelier not pictured).  Let this dry overnight.

DIY mason jar light tutorial

Now we just screw the cut jar onto the lid and insert the light bulbs!

Soooo much better, don’t you think?

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