How I Maintain My Wellness with 5 Healthy Habits

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Are you a woman with an active lifestyle, approaching her 40’s?  How is your health awareness?   Have you noticed that things like your memory, digestive health and energy level have changed since the twenty year old you was in town?  It is impossible to think that5 years ago I ran two full marathons, and all of the training that goes with that endeavor.



As a full time DIY blogger, wife, step mom, doggie momma and caretaker of my grandparents, and avid runner to name a few things, I need all the help I can get maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  As I age, I have to supplement my diet to stay on top of things physically, mentally and emotionally.
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Thankfully, Walgreens is just the spot for my women’s health needs.  I can score my vitamins and supplements in a snap, for great prices.


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 My top 5 habits for staying energetic, alert, focused and healthy are:

1.  Lots of water.  So much water.  My mom got me on a water kick recently.  Before she stepped in, I was all about coffee and diet soda.  Now I am drinking 70-80 ounces of water daily.  At first, I would just chug from my water bottle and get it over with, but now I enjoy and even crave the stuff.  I feel more energetic and have better skin!  I am sure my kidneys are happier too.
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2.  Omega-3-Fatty Acids.  I swear that can see a notable increase in my ability to remember things, like names of people I meet, when I consistently take daily fish oil supplements.  These essential fatty acids are not made by the body and therefore must be ingested.  We need them for optimal health!


3.  Women’s Daily Vitamin – Ok, so they are gummies.  Don’t judge.  They still contain vitamin D and Calcium for women’s bone health.  These help me cover all bases when I may be skewed one way or another with my diet.

4.  Digestive Health Probiotic Supplement – Years of eating like a rabbit and on the go have decreased the “good bacteria” in my stomach that aid in digesting what I need from my food.  The result is super unpleasant and includes bloating, irregularity and poor nutrition.   It is important for us ladies with crazy schedules to get the most out of those times we do stop to eat.  That is where probiotics come to the rescue.  They replace the helpful bacteria and improve digestion of nutrients and regularity.  Bye bye bloating!

5.  Sweat, everyday.  Get my heart rate up for at least 30 minutes.   For me, this comes from running, which I wouldn’t feel like doing much at all without 1-4!


No marathons are in my calendar this year, but I am tackling an obstacle, muddy 5k, which is a first for me!  What are your healthy habits?   Do you participate in races?

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