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Rustoleum Countertop Transformation Review @savedbyloves


If you have outdated laminate countertops and dream of granite, the look can be yours without breaking the bank!  We just revamped our country blue laminate countertops with Rustoleum’s Countertop Transformation Kit, and are thrilled with the outcome.  The process was super easy and far less expensive than replacing our existing surfaces.

DIY Countertops

The kits come with a DVD tutorial, giving detailed accounts of each step.

Sanding with included diamond sanding pad

We began by de-glossing the existing clean countertops by sanding them with the included diamond coated sanding pad.

Degloss countertop surface

Wiping away the debris from sanding and making sure all areas were de-glossed came next.  We weren’t sure what to do about the wood “lip” edging on our tops, since the video example showed a fully laminated top that curved over the edge smoothly.  We decided to sand and treat the edging like the rest of the countertop.  So glad we did.  It looks great!

Apply adhesive basecoat

How to make laminate countertops look like granite

Next we applied the adhesive base coat.   In our case it was black since we went with the Charcoal kit.

DIY Countertop Idea

Using the handy dispenser that came with the kit, we spread the flecks over the wet base coat and let that dry 12 hours.  This stuff was everywhere!  That is why it is important to tape off areas and use drop cloths.

How to cover old countertops

After 12 hours, we shop vacuumed the loose chips with a brush attachment.How to revamp countertops

We sanded the surface with the diamond coated sanding pad, being careful not to remove the base coat.  Included in the kit is an example of what your countertops should feel like when you have sanded enough.

DIY Countertops

Before applying the glossy top coat, we vacuumed away the sanding debris and wiped the countertops clean with a lint free clothFor the last part, we mixed the 2 part top coat together and applied with a brush and roller, per the instructions on the video.  This was a breeze.

We had to wait one week before being able to use our countertops, and it was totally worth it!

Our Countertop DIY Makeover

Faux Granite Countertops

 I love how the countertop edge goes all the way over instead of being edged with wood.  It looks way nicer.  I would recommend this kit for sure.  Such a huge difference!!

Stay tuned for the cabinet makeover that is soon to come.

Disclaimer:  I received the countertop kits for this project from Rustoleum.  That affected my review none whatsoever!  All opinions are mine and honest.

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