DIY Rustic Home Decor Wooden Cake Stand

wooden-cake-stand-tutorialThe look of wood in the home is something I enjoy having in my home. Especially since I live in an apartment it’s hard to do any change physically to the apartment but adding wood accents help make it homier. I’ve seen wooden cake / cupcake stand in magazines and I just needed to give it a try myself. I decided to go to my favorite place Home Depot and pick up a couple of things to make my rustic cupcake stands.


I first got the wooden slice of wood from my local craft store. They always have different size woods at the craft store and I always like visiting time to time to find that once piece that is bigger than the rest.

wood-cupcake-stand-sealer (1)

I used sealer to make sure the wood will not dry out or get molding if food or water get on it. Also the sealer will darkened the wood just a little which I really liked.  I used the sealer all around wood slice.


I got a wooden leg from home depot and sealed it too. They have different varieties but do keep in mind to have something that will keep it balanced.


I attached the wooden leg with wood glue and let it set over night. And now you have your ever own rustic cake stand for you home. I used my cake stand to show off my mother’s day flowers which my little man got for me, he does have good taste.


Stay Crafty!

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