DIY Distressed Starburst Mirror for $5

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This project has been on my to do list for months and months.  I finally got around to making a distressed, chippy starburst mirror from recycled paint stirrers and other reclaimed wood I have collected from various discard piles.  The hold up was finding a circle mirror, which I ended up finding at Joann Fabrics for just a few dollars.  This piece took about an hour to make start to finish and cost under $5!

Knock off decor

 Pretty amazing when you consider this similar mirror at Iron Accents is $410!  If you are considering paying that price for something like this… don’t!  Make your own version for way cheaper, and feel awesome about it.


*** NOTE:  I used a cordless Ryobi AirStrike Nailer which is not a must have, but makes this project (and most of my woodworking projects) go smoothly and quickly.  Work smarter, not harder!

***Oh yeah, and also:  The wreath form on top of the mirror is optional.  I preferred the project with it, but it looks cool without as well.

10 inch diameter round mirror


Scrap wood about 12×12 inches

Ryobi Airstrike nailer

Wood Glue

Paint stirrers or other wood scraps painted with your favorite colors (I used Chalky finish paint from Americana) – I cut mine to about the same length with my chop saw.  You can have them random lengths or create your own pattern of rays.  Lay out your pieces and play with the design until you love it.

10 inch chipboard wreath form or other circle to place over mirror for a more finished look

Wire or other picture hanger hardware


How to make a starburst mirror

Paint Stirrer Craft

Use E6000 on the back of the mirror to attach it to the 12×12 inch wood scrap.  It doesn’t have to be exactly 12×12, but there needs to be enough wood all the way around the circle mirror for nailing paint stirrers to.

DIY Mirror

Lay out “rays” to determine placement.  I did two layers.  I applied wood glue and nailed the bottom rays into the 12×12 inch wood with 18 gauge 1/2 inch brad nails in my nailer.

How to make an upcycled starburst mirror

I placed the second layer or rays using the nailer, no glue.  I painted the wreath form with “lace” Chalky Finish Americana paint and nailed it to the underlying rays to frame the mirror.

Upcycled Home Decor Starburst Mirror @savedbyloves

Staple craft wire to the back for hanging and enjoy!

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