DIY Burlap Hearts Valentine’s Day Banner

Hi there! My name is Laura and I’m so excited to be contributing on Saved By Love Creations! Today I will be sharing with you a super easy Valentine’s Day craft.



All you need to make this lovely Burlap Valentine Banner is some scrap book paper, a few burlap hearts, a roll of burlap, some baker’s twine, scissors and a glue gun. Basically any  crafters essentials! 🙂

The first step was to make my hearts. I used my burlap hearts as a guide for tracing my hearts on the scrap book paper.

After I cut out my hearts it was time to make my individual burlap banner. I cut my my first burlap banner at 7 inches long. I then folded it in half and cut at an angle to make the triangle cut. To make sure all the entire banner was cut to the same size, I used this one as a guide for cutting.

After the burlap was cut, I folded the top of each piece over about an inch to create a lip for the twine.

Next it was time to measure my twine. I knew that I wanted to do three rows in a zig-zag type of pattern.  So I decided to even out burlap banners to three per row.

I took the twine an laid it on the counter and placed my burlap pieces on top. I just used my scissors to space them out. (I’m a very hard-core crafter, can you tell?)

When I got everything spaced just right, I placed the twine inside the lip and a little hot glue and then pressed it close. 

I flipped the banner over and then attached my hearts with some hot glue as well.

That’s pretty much it. I just repeated those step to make all three rows.

I love how the banner adds a subtle touch of Valentine decor to my home without going over the top. 

I hope you enjoyed this easy holiday craft. If you would like to see more of my projects or keep up with my latest updates, follow me onFacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+ or Instagram.

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