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Do your dogs wiggle with excitement when they see you coming with their meal?  If not, you may not be feeding them ALPO®  Wet Dog Food.  My dogs love the stuff.  Seriously.  I am not using that word for dramatic effect.  They freak out when they are treated to it, which is why they are loving the ALPO® wet dog food campaign!  I am loving it because I can rest assured my boys are getting what they need good nutrtition for a healthy coat, strong bones and a happy life!

Do you remember when I shared the video of my dogs going to town on this stuff?  The bigger one straight up booted the smaller one out of the way to get to his food.  The funniest part is when my overweight beagle is in total denial that the food is gone and is licking the bowls with frantic urgency!  You can view it for a quick chuckle here.

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These videos are super fun to watch.  If you are a dog lover like me, you will want to check out ALPO® Instagram page for seriously adorable dog photos that will have your spirits high in no time!

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