Easy DIY Mason Jar Decor {Porch Light}

[pinit]Mason Jar Craft Porch Light[pinit]

Today I have a quick, easy mason jar decor project.  From what I know about you, my lovely readers, you can’t get enough repurposed mason jar crafts.  You also like inexpensive decor solutions that can be executed in a snap.  You won’t be disappointed.  This whole project was less than $5 and took less than 5 minutes.  That’s the stuff.

DIY Mason Jar Porch Light

All I did for this was remove the original globe that came with the light and screw in the mason jar!  Make sure your jar lid fits over the light bulb (I know, I know… obvious,  but I had to say it).  If your light fixture isn’t magically the same size as a mason jar, run to Habitat Restore and nab a new one, or you could use metal snips to cut a hole big enough for the light bulb in the lid to the jar, then glue the lid to the light fixture.  Then you could screw the jar onto the lid, like I showed you in my Mason Jar Chandelier Project:

DIY Mason Jar Lamp

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