Chalkboard Tray To Do List With Printable

How to make a chalkboard tray to do list

If you are like me, to do lists are a vital part of keeping it together!  They are just necessary, so why not incorporate some chalkboard paint and burlap into creating a pretty one?  Today I am sharing a quick, easy DIY chalkboard tray “To Do List”, complete with a free  printable template for you to transfer onto your painted tray using transfer paper.  I can’t promise your productivity and punctuality will skyrocket, but I can guarantee you will have a pretty list.  That’s something, right?


Transfer Paper Tutorial

Old Tray – I got mine for $2 at a thrift store

Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint – Black

White transfer paper

One inch foam brush

Burlap or other ribbon

White opaque gel pen

White acrylic paint

Tiny detail paintbrush


Printable “To Do List” – click the link or the thumbnail above to bring up the full resolution file, then print

Painter’s Tape

Stylus or other pointed object to trace printable through transfer paper (I used a mechanical pencil with no lead)


Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint Tray DIY

Clean tray off with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.  Let dry then paint with chalkboard paint.

How to make a Chalkboard Tray

I did three thin layers, allowing complete drying between.

Tape Transfer Paper In Place

Once the chalkboard paint was dry, I taped the transfer paper in place.

How to Transfer Text to Painted Background

Then I taped the printable list template on top of the transfer paper and began tracing it, making sure to use enough pressure to transfer the design through to the chalkboard background.  You can lift the papers to make sure the transfer is happening and tape them back down, being careful not to let them shift in the process.

How to transfer text to background

I removed the papers and was left with a faint outline of the list, which i went over with my white opaque gel pen.  I had to shake the pen often to keep the ink running, and I took some of the chalkboard paint off in a couple of places by pressing to hard.  Don’t do that.

How to make a handpainted sign

I used white acrylic paint and a fine detail brush to go fill in the title text, and to touch up here and there.  I ended up painting over the <<<>>> under “Things to Do”.  I just liked it better without, but I left it in the printable so you have the option of using it.

How to Transfer Text to a sign

Once dry, your sweet new to do list is ready to go.  Hang with a burlap ribbon or embellish as you wish!

Free Printable Chalkboard To Do List


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