New Americana Multi-Surface Satins & Stencils

Paint a Chevron Coffee Table with @DecoArt_Inc @savedbyloves


Have you seen the new Americana Multi-Surface Satins and Mixed Media Stencils yet?  I had a chance to try them out, so I used the opportunity to work some magic on a curbside find.  You are going to love not only the colors and stencil designs in this line, but the paint quality is outstanding to boot.  Today I am sharing how I created this modern chevron painted coffee table with my box of goodies!

DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satins and Mixed Media Stencils


Americana Multi-Surface Satins

Americana Black Chalkboard Paint

Americana Mixed Media Stencils

Sponge Brushes

Painters Tape

Medium Grit Sand Paper

Coffee Table

DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satins and Mixed Media Stencils


Table Makeover

Here is the curbside rescued table before any revamping.

Sanding a Table

I sanded with medium grit paper to give the paint surface something to grab.

Applying paint with a roller

I primered the table top rolled on Multi-Surface Satin color Dolphin.

How to Refinish a Table

I cut the segment of the stencil I wanted to use off of the main 12×12 inch sheet and taped it into place.

How to Stencil a Table

How to Paint Chevron on a Table

I worked my way down the table, using the sponge pouncer to apply the paint.  Coverage is fantastic.  I decided I wanted thicker chevron strips, so I taped off around the strips and filled in the space between them.

Sand Distress a Table

I continued on like this, using various colors of this fabulous paint.  I sand distressed lightly when I was finished.

Glue on Casters

The legs were cut off when I found the table and looked unfinished, so I glued on these caster cups I found at Lowe’s for $1-ish.

Painted Chevron Pattern


I painted the legs and lower part of table (including caster cups) with Americana chalkboard paint and a soft 1 inch paint brush.

DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin Paint Rebate

Americana Multi-Surface Satins are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers.  Go get them now!

Find out more about them at DecoArt!

DISCLAIMER:  The paint and stencils mentioned in this post were provided to me by DecoArt.  All opinions are still 100% my own!

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