Silhouette Gallery Wall & Other Vintage Home Decor Inspritation

Amazing DIY Home Decor; silhouette gallery wall, vintage collage, painted stairs and more @savedbyloves

Last week I shared with you a hand painted distressed sign tutorial I wrote after documenting the creative process of a new friend, Pam from Little Red Porch.  When I met her, I also met Hope, a soldering queen with one of my favorite homes in the world.  In the near future you will get some video action that will make you a soldered jewelry master.  For now, I am going to show you a glimpse of Hope’s infinite kick awesome DIY decor projects.

DIY Painted Harlequin Stairs

How about these harlequin patterned stairs with Joshua 24:15 painted on them?  Are you with me?  Check out this How to Paint Harlequin Pattern Tutorial from Home Depot.  For the Text, just use letter stencils or vinyl cut outs with your die cut machine.  Done.

How to Make a Gallery Wall @savedbyloves

Let’s move onto this eye catching gallery wall exclusively featuring black silhouettes.   I love it!  I haven’t tackled a gallery wall yet.  It intimidates me, to be honest, but this one I can dig.  I was so taken in by all the vintage farmhouse loveliness, that it wasn’t until editing this photo that I even noticed the black ornamental wood piece topping the doorway on the right of the image.  That would be super simple to make from some plywood, a little black paint and a scroll or jig saw.  Simple accent, check.

Vintage Collage wall art

I spent a good chunk of the day with Hope, and eventually made my way into the bathroom.  Upon entering, I made an about face and ran back to her studio for my camera.  Love this room!

Vintage bathroom decor ideas

So inspiring!  This little vignette makes me want to raid my lace and buttons for some mixed media fun.

Make a vintage tray chalkboard @savedbyloves #chalkboardpaint

This is a pretty simple concept.  Just paint an old tray with chalkboard paint and tie a ribbon on the handle to display.

Creative craft room storage

I was going to save the studio for the soldering post, and I still am for the most part.  Here is a teaser.  You will see the rest later.  It is all this fabulous.  To.  Die.  For.

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