DIY Wood Pallet Dog Feeder

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Today I am sharing with you a quick and easy reclaimed pallet wood dog feeding station.  You can make this piece in an afternoon and for little to no cost.  The only thing I didn’t have on hand and had to purchase were the bowls, which I found for $2 each at WalMart.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects

I started with a piece of wood I got from a friend that was wide enough for the diameter of the bowls.  My bowls are 9 inches in diameter, the wood 11.5.  You see casters pictured, but I decided not to use them.

DIY pet projects

I eyeballed this whole deal by Just placing the bowls upside down, evenly spaced on the board, then tracing them with a pencil.  I drilled a hole inside each circle to insert the jigsaw blade, then cut to the circle outline and all the way around it to create the hole for the bowls.


Using wood from pallets I had broken down previously, I cut the sides and front/back to size.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Project #upcycle

I used a small support as pictured, and attached with wood glue and nails (see below), holding square with corner clamp.

@RYOBIpowertools air nailer

@RYOBIpowertools air nailer

This Ryobi AirStrike has my heart.  Cordless, lightweight, powerful, it really doesn’t get any more convenient.

Sanding distressed piece

After it was all constructed I sanded with 80 then 120 grit paper.

CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint Project

I used CeCe Caldwell Chalk & Clay Paint to finish.  First I painted Vintage White Chalk & Clay Paint then coated Clear Wax followed by Aging Cream Dark.

DIY Dog Feeding Station from #woodpallets #reclaimed #upcycle #chalkboardpaint

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