Make Metallic Mason Jars With Spray Paint

Spray Paint mason jars for a great vase!

Photo by It All Started With Paint

Mason jar decor is a huge favorite in this house.  Working on a paper bouquet for my grandmother for Mother’s Day, I have been trying to land on the perfect vase.  Recycled wine bottles, tin cans and mason jars always top my list of bouquet containers.  While searching for inspiration, I came across the pictured metallic mason jars by It All Started With Paint.  I am all about metallic spray paint, and really am kinda shocked I haven’t already done this!  You can order your own at the link above, or if you are a DIY kinda person, Lovely Little DIY’s gold mason jar tutorial will get you on your way!

DIY mason Jar Crafts

Photo by Lovely Little DIY

This is not the project I ended up going with for my grandmother’s vase.  That is for another post.  This did make my to do list and if you are looking for a quick vase for Mother’s Day, you still have time to make metallic mason jars that she will love!

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