Make a Paper Daffodil Bouquet and Mason Jar Vase

Learn to make a gorgeous Paper Daffodil Bouquet #sizzix and painted #masonjar vase


As soon as I saw the new daffodil Sizzix die by Susan Tierney Cockburn, I knew a bouquet was in my future.  Mother’s Day brought just the occasion.  Today I am sharing Susan’s video detailing how to make the flower, then how I added stems to make this lovely daffodil bouquet in a mason jar vase.

how to make paper flowers

You will need:

Yellow cardstock – I used Coordinations in various yellows and even tried a crepe paper daffodil which I found to be to annoying to do more than once.  You can see the lone crepe flower in the upper left of the above pic.

Sizzix Susan Tierney Daffodil die

 Daffodil Sizzix die by Susan Tierney Cockburn

Doily Lace Medallion Sizzix Die by Eileen Hull

Mason Jar with Lid

Craft Glue

Susan’s Garden Tool Kit

Floral wire

Green Floral tape

Hot glue gun

Flat nose or round nose Pliers


Make each daffodil as shown in Susan’s video.  Don’t add the leaves just yet.

Adding Stem to Finished Flower

how to make a paper flower bouquet

Bend wire to 90° one inch from the end with your pliers.  Then grab tip of wire with pliers and twirl inward to create a spiral.  It doesn’t need to be pretty.  You are just creating a surface for gluing the stem to the flower base.


Place a dab of hot glue on the calyx at the base of the flower.

paper craft flowers

Press spiral into hot glue dab immediately and hold in place for 30 seconds until glue sets.  Add leaves last, using a dab of hot glue at the base of each.

Learn to make a gorgeous Paper Daffodil Bouquet #sizzix and painted #masonjar vase

To finish the flowers, wrap wire in green floral tape.  This is optional, but I think it makes the stems look way better than just the naked wire.  Cut stems to fit your jar (6-8 inches should work, but just put one into the vase to see how much excess wire you have).

Making the Bouquet

Arrange flowers into a bouquet: Hold a flower in one hand.  Add alternating shades of yellow daffodils to frame your central one, turning the bouquet each time. Point the blooms towards you as you continue adding around, creating a rounded shape.   When you are happy with the shape of your bouquet, secure stems with floral or a rubber band.

I added baby breath looking artificial flowers from the dollar store to fill in the spaces between my daffodils.  Wouldn’t hydrangeas be pretty with the yellow too?!

The Mason Jar Vase:  I painted my mason jar with DecoArt glass stain like I showed you in this Mason Jar Chandelier Tutorial.

Punch a hole in your mason jar lid with a nail and hammer, then pound away to make a hole large enough for the bouquet.

I inserted my bouquet and embellished the vase with green jute, a chalkboard tag and a paper doily I die cut from white cardstock using Eileen Hull’s paper lace medallion die.


She was overjoyed, and the piece became our Mother’s Day lunch table centerpiece!  This bouquet would be great for wedding centerpieces and bridesmaid bouquets too.

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