Build Custom Craft Supply Storage Cubbies


Build a custom storage cubby unit for your craft supplies @savedbyloves


After building my first woodworking project, I knew I wanted to tackle a storage unit of some sort.  I found this 25 Cubby unit plan by Ana White, and tweaked it to make myself a custom Sizzix die storage unit.  I am so very in love with it.  It was easy to make, the only frustrating part being that I had to assemble one shelf at a time and wait for it to dry since I don’t have 4,000 corner clamps!


Instead of using 1×6 boards, I used 1x8s to fit my dies.  I also added an extra column so the unit would be wide enough to fit exactly on top of a mail sorter unit I already had.  Also, what Ana has as the top in her plan, I have as the bottom.  I didn’t shape the extended sides like Ana did.  Instead, I flipped it over and used them as legs.  That way I can store the longer dies and cut plates/platforms in the larger space created underneath the shelf.


Here it is all assembled except for one side.


Here is the assembled piece before finishing.



I sanded and painted with homemade chalky finish paint I talked about here.  I used white as the base coat and reddish-pink as the top layer.  I sanded to distress, and went over the whole piece with valspar antiquing glaze.

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