Ana White Chalkboard Crates DIY

Easy Chalkboard Crates from Ana White
Make easy, cheap, fast chalkboard crates; Free plan from Ana White @savedbyloves


I am way excited about this project.  It is my first build!  Ana White was at SNAP! 2013, and attending her talk inspired me to jump in and get busy with my power tools.  I tackled her Chalkboard Produce Crate.  All in all the project took way longer than I expected, but obviously I loved the process as you can see by the fact that I made three of them.  They are on my front porch acting as planters at the moment.  You could use them for centerpieces, table numbers, storage and more.



I have worked four of her plans so far.  It hasn’t been too expensive to get into as I have gradually acquired things here and there.  My husband’s father gave us a table saw.  I picked up an amazing Mikata Miter saw for $25 at a garage sale early this month.  A shop vac, I nabbed from Habitat Restore for $20.  I think the most expensive part has been clamps, and the more you can get the better.


Ana has plans for absolutely everything under the sun.  If you are at all inspired to give building a try, I hope you go for it.  You can make the coolest things.


I joined my pieces with the Kreg Jig I won from Pretty Handy Girl in November.  It was amazing and now I want to run around joining everything to everything.


To finish my crates, used acrylic glaze and burnt umber paint as the base layer.  I dry brushed Titan Buff as the top coat and sealed with CeCe Caldwell Aging Wax.


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