Over 50 Crepe Paper Crafts to Make


Over 50+ crepe paper crafts to make @savedbyloves #DIY #Wedding #crafts


This is the perfect time of year to gather up some crepe paper and create lovely DIY wedding decor, Mother’s Day gifts, paper bouquets, and  countless accessories for celebrations of all sorts.  The paper comes in wonderfully vibrant colors, and is inexpensive to boot.

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves

I showed you these crepe paper roses I made last week.  If you missed it, go check out the easy DIY and free template for your petals and leaves.  You will have a gorgeous bouquet that your friends will have to get super close to to see that they aren’t real roses.  Best part?  They don’t wither!  What a perfect Mother’s Day gift for those with moms that love to get roses.

Beautiful hand made card with crepe paper fringe
What a festive, simple to create, one of a kind birthday card!  See what I mean about the vibrant colors?  At Paper Crafts Connection, you can check out how this card evolved.  Make several at the same time to have on hand for those birthdays that sneak up on you.
#weddingDIY crepe paper flower aisle markers
Add that special touch to your ceremony with this crepe paper aisle marker from Hello Lucky.
Over 50+ crepe paper crafts to make @savedbyloves #DIY #Wedding #crafts
Martha Stewart shows you how to make a variety of crepe paper flowers, including peony, tulip, lily and rose varieties.  You would swear they are real flowers.  Sturdier, cheaper and available in any color, any time of year, crepe paper flowers are the way to go for your DIY wedding!
Over 50+ crepe paper crafts to make @savedbyloves #DIY #Wedding #crafts
Make your own photo backdrop easily and for just a few bucks with this DIY Crepe Fringe Party Backdrop at Somewhere Splendid.

Those are a few of my faves.


Now for the 50+ collection!


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