Paper Flower Topiaries With Sizzix


Make #Sizzix paper flower topiaries for #Spring @savedbyloves


Make #Sizzix paper flower topiaries for #Spring @savedbyloves[pinit]

3D flower dies from Sizzix are some of my favorite die cuts to use.  I was thrilled to find a new die this weekend while at Michaels.  These fun green and yellow spring topiaries are my first project using them.  This project is simple, but I won’t lie, it is not quick.  I had a little help from my sister and husband, who shaped petals for me as I rolled the flowers and pinned them to the topiary shape.


Sizzix Sizzlits Die – Flower, Rose 3-D

Cardstock in your favorite colors

Glossy Accents

Straight Pins

Topiary Form (got mine at Walmart recently; you could use a stryofoam sphere and dowel rod)

Pot (Got mine at the dollar store last year)

Green moss or other filler

Stylus with large ball or other rounded end (like a pen or sharpie)

Foam pad or mouse pad


Cut several, I mean way more than you think you’ll need, 3d rose shapes using the Sizzlits die linked above.  I used Coordinations paper in several shades of yellows and greens.  With the Sizzlits dies, you can only cut one piece of cardstock at a time, so get cozy.  I have done a similar project here with the Sizzix Originals 3D rose die, which cuts through several layers of cardstock at a time.  I really wanted to use this shape die though, so I just cut one shape at a time.

Shape the petals with a rounded end stylus ball, or whatever you have on hand that works.  I figured out I really liked the shape of the flower if I pushed in the 7 outer petals of the spiral, then flipped it over and pushed in the remaining petals.  I roll the flower into shape so that the outer petals of the spiral (which become the center petals of the 3D flower) curl inward towards the center like in a real rose.  The remaining flowers bloom outward like a blossoming rose.  I don’t have detailed pics of this, so I hope that makes sense.

This pic shows me starting on the outer petals of the spiral (central petals in final rose).

Shaping paper flower petals

To shape them I just press hard in the center, and draw tiny circles with my stylus ball.  The flower petal “cups”.  I do this for the first 7 petals, then turn the spiral over and do the same thing on the remaining petals.

Make #Sizzix paper flower topiaries for #Spring @savedbyloves

Roll the flower from the outer petals to the center, keeping the bottom strip at the base of the petals aligned.  When you get to the end, glue the tab you see at the center to the base of your flower.  I like to use Glossy Accents for this since it dries so fast and holds great with paper to paper.

Once I had 10 flowers made, I pinned them to the topiary with a straight pen through the center and continued this way until the spheres were full.

Make #Sizzix paper flower topiaries for #Spring @savedbyloves

Make #Sizzix paper flower topiaries for #Spring @savedbyloves

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