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totally green contest call for sponsors

We are at it again, planning our next Totally Green Crafts contest.  So far, they have been super fun, and the lucky winners have scored over the top prize packages.

Here it from our most recent winner:

Dear Suzy,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the prizes that arrived at my house in December. My children and I had so much fun opening all the packages. It was kind of you to wrap them as gifts. It made things even more exciting.

Please pass my thanks along to everyone who made the Totally Green Crafts ~ Holiday Edition contest possible.

Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year. I look forward to following your blog in 2013.


Monica Rudy~ http://www.homemakingwithmonica.com/

Newspaper Ornaments by Monica Rudy

Monica won a prize package worth over $450 for her ornaments made of recycled newspapers.

Suzy and I are calling for sponsors for the next round of the Totally Green Contest, beginning January 28, 2013. The contest challenges readers to create awesomeness from recycled items.

It will run for approximately one month, with contestants submitting their theme based projects for the first two weeks. At that point, Suzy and I will narrow it down to the top ten and then put it out to the readers for a vote to narrow it to the top three. The top three will have a chance for a final vote, the winner receiving fame, fortune…oh, and an awesome prize package.

totally green crafts prize package

What is in the prize package?

Well, that is where you come in! This is your opportunity to get your product out there and get a bit of free advertising in the process. Start the new year out with a bang!

What will Totally Green Crafts do for you?

  • TGC will host your 150 x 150 button on the sidebar for the entire length of the contest (about one month). There are new posts on TGC at least six days a week- so that is a ton of exposure!
  • All sponsors will be featured in an introductory post during the first week of the contest.
  • Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom will do a feature post on the sponsors during the first week of the contest.
  • The prize package will be featured on it’s own page in TGC.
  • And the final post of the contest will give you one more shout out.

That is free advertising at its best!

And what is your part of this deal?

  • Provide a prize of at least $25 in value. Really. That’s it!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the next Totally Green Contest, all you have to do is contact us at admin@totallygreencrafts.com. We will give you instructions as to where to ship your prize so that we can create one big prize package for our winner.

Need button help?  We have your back!

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