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Today Barbara from Chase the star stopped by to share with us a cute jewelry box makeover.  I am a fan of trinket box updates, and this one is no exception.   It never ceases to amaze me what a huge difference can be made with a little paint!  See how Barbara took hers from drab to fab.  Take it away, Barbara!

Hello everyone, I’m Barbara from Chase the Star, where I write about my adventures in crafting, furniture makeovers, recipes, and more!  I’m thrilled to share my latest project, a jewelry box transformation, here at Saved by Love!

{Updating a Jewelry Box}

I found this old and slightly beat-up jewelry box at my local thrift store, it was on sale (oh yeah…second hand and on sale) so I just had to take it home and give it some much needed love.

I had so much fun making this little box over!  All sorts of ideas came to mind.  I envisioned it in a little girl’s room, or perhaps it would live with a sophisticated teen, or even a sit in a family room or entry way.  So many possibilities!  I decided in order to accommodate all of those scenarios, I’d paint it a pretty blue and white.

{Making It Pretty}

The jewelry box had lots of potential.  Although the stain was fading, and it had a few scratches and small chips, the inside lining was in tact, and the bones were great!  This made things easy because repairing and re-lining can take some time.  
Makeover a Jewelry Box @savedbyloves #upcycle

With a small Phillip’s screw driver, I removed the hinges, and the mini drawer pulls.  

The pulls and tiny screws with were sprayed a glossy white. In the meantime making sure to cover the inside lining (I used foil and painter’s tape to protect it), I sprayed primer over the entire piece.

Later, I added a coat of white spray (satin finish) to everything but the drawers. 
Then with a small foam brush I painted the drawers and rims of the top and bottom in a shade of blue I’d mixed together to paint a stool a few weeks back.

I added a light coat of polyurethane to seal my work. Once everything was dry I screwed the hinges and pulls back on to the piece. 

I’m loving the way this piece turned out!  It’s amazing how a little paint can make a world of difference!  
I’d love to see you over at Chase the Star!  Stop by and say ‘hello’, and check out some of my other projects such as my fabric lined mason jars, and metal file cabinet makeover!

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Thank you so much Johnnie for letting me share my fun Jewelry Box Transformation with your readers!   

Barbara @ Chase the Star

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