CeCe Caldwell Paint Distressed Table


#CeceCaldwell Chalk and Clay Paint #DIY  Table Makeover @savedbyloves @cececaldwell

I am pumped about CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay Paint, which I had the chance to try out in a recent class.  My friend Beckie at Infarrantly Creative hosted the session for some local bloggers to learn about the product.  The lovely ladies of Bungalow 47, Chantelle and Jill, came to Indiana and spent the day educating us on this amazing, completely natural, earth/people friendly paint.

Bungalow 47

I have not worked with anything like this before, and now I am a full fledged CeCe junkie.  Being an instant gratification, “spray paint it and move” on kinda DIY-er, I was elated to find this paint requires little prep.  Not only that, but no experience is necessary to create a beautiful piece.  Count me in.


#CeceCaldwell Chalk and Clay Paint #DIY Table Makeover @bungalow47 @savedbyloves @cececaldwell

Here is how I turned a beat up $5 flea market find into a distressed, chippy table that I proudly displayed in our guest room.


CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paint; Traverse City Cherry and Seattle Mist

CeCe Caldwell Clear Wax and Wax Brush

Furniture to paint

Drop cloth or plastic

Good paint brush

Clean rags

Sandpaper or sanding block


#CeceCaldwell Chalk and Clay Paint #DIY  Table Makeover @savedbyloves @cececaldwell

Apply wax in a section at a time, wiping away excess before moving to the next section.  This is my first time with wax, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was simple to apply.  I purchase the wax brush for $18 and love it.  You can tell with clarity where you have wax, since the paint turns much darker when it is applied.  That way you won’t miss an area.  I let my table dry overnight, then buffed with a dry towel for shine.  To clean, just wipe with dry cloth after table cures.  Takes one month to completely cure, so don’t run a sprinkler near it or put it outside in the rain until then!

I absolutely love the chippiness and texture of my finished piece.  This was super easy to achieve.

#CeceCaldwell Chalk and Clay Paint #DIY  Table Makeover @savedbyloves @cececaldwell

#CeceCaldwell Chalk and Clay Paint #DIY  Table Makeover @savedbyloves @cececaldwell

 #CeceCaldwell Chalk and Clay Paint #DIY  Table Makeover @savedbyloves @cececaldwell

Not bad for a $5 table, CeCe Caldwell supplies (thank you, Bungalow 47) and an afternoon’s work.  You will be seeing much more of this product around here.

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