Guest Post: Rock Photo Displays

DIY Photo Holders From Rocks

Today, JaderBomb is here to share a fantastic green crafty way for you to display your photos. She will guide you through the process of making a rock photo display using just a few supplies and lots of creativity. This project is great for gift ideas, and how about displaying Christmas cards? Visit this talented woman’s blog for some seriously awesome craft and DIY projects. Thanks for driving the bus today, JaderBomb!

Hi there! It’s JADERBOMB! Nice to meet cha!
I am so glad to be here today!
I hope you enjoy this fun tutorial.


If you want to glitter your rock do this step before so you know how big it needs to be!

Make sure when you do this part that the wire it tight!

You know I am using my Martha Stewart glitter! It’s is by far my FAVORITE!!! I do a section then let it dry before I move on. You can glitter the whole thing at one time if you want to!

This is how your rock will start to look if you decide to “glitter” it!

I like to use a round object to “start” if off then use my finger to roll the rest

I LOVE MOD PODGE! My friend Amy’s new book just came out! Make sure to check it out! It has TON’S of amazing project’s in it. It’s called MOD PODGE ROCKS!

I love the simplicity of this.

Well, I hope you had fun hanging out with me today. Make sure you come by my website to see more fun and easy tutorials!

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