Guest Post: Cute Toddler Mattress Topper

Hello everyone!  My name is Amber and I blog over at SaltTree.  Food, family, crafting and all things DIY is what you will find there.  I do hope you will come by for visit.  I’m sure you will find something you like!

Thanks so much to Johnnie for having me guest post here on Saved By Love Creations.  As a reader of SBLC, I am honored to be posting here!

Often, we create out of necessity.  Having children usually kicks that into overdrive, especially babies and toddlers.  I know all of you mothers are nodding your heads in agreement!

We very recently transitioned our 20 month old son to his big boy bed.  Foster is very tall (like his Mom & Dad) and could escape his crib.  Needless to say, it was time to switch!

We put his bed together, popped in the new mattress and made it up for the night.  It was then that I realized I didn’t have a protector for the mattress.  I thought… “he should be fine for one night… he probably wont leak his diaper”…. wrong!  First night and the mattress was christened.  I should have known better.

The next day, I made a trip to my local dollar store to get some supplies.  A 30×30 inch blanket from the baby section, and a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth from the kitchen aisle.  I couldn’t resist the cupcakes!  I was now armed with everything I needed to make my own, $2 mattress protector.  This project took approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  A do-able nap time project indeed.  Here’s how!

Spread out the table cloth and lay the blanket out over top of it.  Cut out the table cloth so it is an inch or so larger then the blanket, all the way around.  I had enough table cloth left over to make a second mattress protector.  It’s always good to have a back up when one is in the wash.

Pin the back side of the blanket and flannel side of the table cloth together, folding under the table cloth so it ends up with a finished looking edge.

Sew the fabric together all the way around.  I used blue thread so you could see what I was doing, but you may want your thread to blend in.  In the end, it’s going under the bedding, so nobody will really see it.

I added extra stitching in a grid pattern across the fabric so that it wouldn’t shift or bunch up while on the bed or in the wash.

Done!  A crinkle free, soft mattress protector for your toddlers bed.  The table cloth side will keep things dry, the blanket side will absorb any leaks, keep the pad from shifting under the bedding and make it softer to lay on.  (Use it blanket side up).

This would also be great to take on an overnight trip to slip under the bedding.  I’m sure your friends / relatives would appreciate it!

For washing, I recommend cold wash, hang to dry.  Remember, sunshine is the best bleach.

Thanks again to Johnnie for having me here at Saved By Love Creations!

I look forward to seeing you over at SaltTree!

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