Aqua Mirror Spray Paint Makeover

How to Spray Paint a Mirror

Updating my decor with a touch of spray paint is a definite favorite of mine.  It is a way to completely change the look of a room without laying out loads of cash on new furniture and accessories.  Slowly but surely , I have been transitioning my living room from reds and neutrals to aqua and orange.  This mirror in our entryway is my most recent stop on the path to color bliss.

Here it is before…

How to Spray Paint Furniture

I used Martha Stewart’s Spray Paint Kit, which allows you to turn acrylic paint into spray paint.  It was a part of a box of crafts I received last summer when her new craft paint line debuted at Michael’s.  The kit is great in that it opens the color possibilities in spray form to include any of the numerous colors of the line’s acrylic paint.  It is more expensive than buying a can of spray paint, but if you just have to have a certain color, it is your go to tool.  I actually used a Folk Art acrylic paint mixture of white and aqua to get the shade I was going for.  The kit is made for the acrylic paint in the line, but it worked fine with Folk Art.

Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit

Following the instructions on the kit, I mixed equal parts acrylic paint (mixture of white and aqua) with the spray paint medium, attached this to spray can and used like I would any spray paint.  It went on easily with great coverage and no running.

Martha Stewart Spray Paint Mirror Revamp

I love this color for all seasons.  It can be wintery or summery with the right coordinating accessories.

Sooooo much better than the boring before version, don’t you think?

Martha Stewart Spray Paint Mirror Revamp

Remember last year’s spray paint mirror revamp?

These ornate oval mirrors are fabulous.  I look for them every time I go junkin’.

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