Dr. Oz – 3 Simple Ways Boost Your Metabolism in Under 5 Minutes

Boost your metabolism

Today’s Dr. Oz show was packed full of  simple, doable ways to propel the body’s metabolism into high gear.  Turning 35 soon, I was all ears.  I have noticed I can’t get away with as much midnight ice cream as I use to enjoy, and that is just not o.k.  Three ways to easily increase body’s ability to burn fat caught my ear, and that is what I am sharing with you today.  Every little bit helps, right?!

  • Every morning at breakfast drink the following concoction:
    2 Tbsp tomato Juice.
    1/2 Tsp Horseradish.
    Dash of hot sauce.
    Squeeze of lime.

This is packed with powerful antioxidants to blast belly fat and rich in metabolism-boosters vitamin C and limonene.

  • At lunch, replace soda with Kombucha Wonder Drink, which costs $3.00.

This bubbly tea is available at natural food stores and contains oolong tea which helps protect your liver so it can concentrate on metabolizing fat

  • At night, combine a spicy red wine, ice chips, and a bit of mint.

The wine helps you relax and boosts metabolism for up to 95 minutes.  Adding ice chips to your red wine makes your body to burn extra calories since it takes energy to warm the drink to body temperature. The mint’s scent has been shown to stave off late-night hunger.


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