Craft Room Organization at It’s Finest

Organize Craft RoomAre you constantly searching for your scissors amidst piles of unsorted craft stash?  Find it easier sometimes to just go buy another whatever it is because it would be way quicker than finding it in your mess of a creative space?  Karen from Sew Many Ways has set the bar high in craft room organization.  In sorting through my cyclone of a  studio, I came across her most updated Sewing/Craft room post and just had to share this with you.

If you are like me, you didn’t even know this was possible.  In fact, when I looked at her first picture, I almost read no further because I thought “no way”.  But, as you will see when you go to her post, Karen walks you through her various budget friendly storage solutions, step by step.

Remember this…

Organizing your crafts

I am nowhere near a reveal, but much closer than I would have been without inspiration from Karen.  Thank you for sharing with us in such detail!!

Stay tuned!

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