Books as Decor

Book DecorUsing books as decor is a popular design trend, and an easy, inexpensive way to accessorize your space.  There

are several ways to go with this.  You can wrap them in brown craft paper with other decorative paper like

the above arrangement I encountered at a local flea market.  Stacking them and wrapping twine around

them works fabulously, and allows you to get the height you need for the space.

This is a photo I shot on a recent visit to Ballard’s.  They had books on most available surfaces. Emily

at Decor Chic found this image in the Ballard catalog…

Ballard Designs accessories

She recreated the look…

Ballard Designs accessories

Go see how she went about her Ballard Designs knock off.

If you have tons of books you are thinking about sending to Goodwill,

dive into your paper stash and give them new life, while stepping

up your decor for little to no cost!

Looking for more book decor ideas?

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