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St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Continuing with our week of guest posters here at SBLC, today I am thrilled to bring you Cheri from It’s So Very Cheri.

She is going to take you through a fun St. Patrick’s Day kids craft.  Thank you for being here, Cheri!

Hey It’s Cheri from Its So Very Cheri.

I am honored to be here today. I think the world of Johnnie and consider her to be a wonderful blog friend.

Although we have never meet–at least not yet–in person–there are just some people that you develop a wonderful bond with and Johnnie is one of those gals.

  • I love to create things and decorate.
  • I have 4 kiddos and home school them.
  • My hubby is in school.
  • I share lots of craft projects and love beach themed projects.
  • My birthday is on Christmas Day and I love everything about Christmas.
  • I love typography projects.

I wanted to created a fun

St. Patrick’s Day

craft for the kids.

They get excited about every holiday. I thought something SPRINGY would be fun.


2 sheets of card stock paper

striped green paper

polka dot green paper


glue gun

a 4 leaf clover image




clothes pins


I took my 2 sheets of paper and folded the paper so I could create a box. This requires you to fold it into thirds on all sides.

{Using 2 pieces gives the finished box extra durability.}

You need to cut the 4 corner pieces so you can fold them in.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft

I used some clothes pins to hold my folded in pieces while I glued them in place.

{If you do not own a glue gun you could carefully tape your piece or staple them.}

St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft

I cut 4 rectangle pieces that were the length of each side of the box and then used my scissors to snip up part way so I could create “grass”.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft

I did not have a cube of styrofoam so I used some of my sheets and broke them and stacked them in my paper box. I did not glue it in place–just set them in there.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft

I then cut out 4 leaf clovers out of my polka dot paper. I only cut 4 leaf clovers for my bigger suckers.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft

I used Blow pops. I filled in with smaller suckers-I got a bag of AIR HEAD suckers. They had light green and a dark green sucker so I used both. I poked the suckers through the middle of the 4 leaf clover and pushed the paper up around it a little. Then I pushed them into the styrofoam.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft

I finished it off with a piece of bright green gross grain ribbon around the top of my box.

Do your kids have a St. Patrick’s Day party coming up?

Thank you so much for having me today.

I hope you will come over and check out my other projects and recipes and if you like what you see I hope you will follow along.




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