Picture Frame From Rolled Newspaper “Reeds”

recycled newspaper crafts

If you love the idea of recycling newsprint into beautiful handmade home decor accessories, keep reading.  This is a picture frame from newspaper pages rolled into reeds.  Essentially free, green and functional, these picture frames make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

For how to roll pages into reeds, visit the Craft Stylish magazine reed box tutorial.  I just cut a piece of cardboard for the overall frame size, and cut out an opening for the picture in the middle.  Then I outlined the inner rectangle and outer rectangle with reeds, and cut smaller reeds to fill in the rest of the frame as shown in the photos.

Newspaper picture frameFor the back, just cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the front and cover it in newspaper.  Line its perimeter with a border of reeds, then adhere the backing by applying a thin line of hot glue, or whatever craft glue you prefer, to the reed border then placing that onto the backside of the front piece (I use Glossy Accents for almost all of my paper projects).   Sorry no pics for this part.   When I make the next one, I will add some.  It is pretty easy to figure out by just looking at the finished piece.

make newspaper reed picture frameI wanted the option of hanging and stand alone for this frame, so I made a loop to hang and a leg to stand as shown.

make newspaper reed picture frame

I love it!  Here is the newspaper frame I showed you awhile back…

Newspaper coil picture frame

Have you delved into the world of recycled paper crafts yet?  If so, do share.  I would love to see what you have done!

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