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Stenciled picture frame

Have you heard of Lisa Speltz’s Instant Images from DecoArt?  I had the chance to try them out in this picture frame project, and I will definitely be using them more.  They come in journal size and smaller pocket size, in several different themes, including floral, inspirational, winter, spring, celebration and tons more.  This project shows the journal sized Garden Blooms template and the pocket Valentine themes.

Valentine's Day Picture FrameSupplies used:

  • Instant images stencils in desired themes
  • Unfinished wood picture frames
  • Acrylic stencil paint from DecoArt
  • DecoArt Duo Tool
  • Painter’s tape
  • medium grit sandpaper

Valentine's Day Picture Frame

Valentine's Day Picture FrameI love the packaging these stencils come in, because it provides an easy, neat way to store them when not in use.  Not only that, but there are great instructions with photos included with the packaging to give you ideas on layering and creating different cool effects with the Instant Images.

Valentine's Day Picture Frame


  • Spray paint unfinished frame with white (I used Krylon Dual)
  • For the “Family” frame, I stenciled after the white.  For the Valentines frame, I dry brushed red over the entire frame, the sanded for a distressed look before stenciling.  To hold the stencil in place, I used painters tape.  I also used this to mask any open parts of the stencil I didn’t want in the design.  Using the stencil brush end of the DecoArt Duo Tool, I painted in the open parts of the stencil.  Here is a great video on how to get the best results from you Instant Images template.DecoArt Stencil Paint.

DecoArt Stencil PaintI love my end results!  These Instant Images are so fun to play with.  I am in the midst of a jewelry project that incorporates the small pocket size stencils.  They are perfect pendant size, and both sizes can be used in anything from home decor to paper crafts and more.


DecoArt Stencil Paint

DecoArt Stencil PaintDecoArt Stencil Paint

I would love to see what you have done, those of you who have played with these!

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