Clipix; A New Way To Organize Your Search Findings


Have you heard of Clipix yet?  I recently discovered it, and I am impressed.  It is a free service that allows the user to clip their favorite internet finds to clipboards for later reference.  You can clip anything from your favorite hairstyles to Valentine’s Day ideas, and anything else you can conjure up.  That way you don’t have to search again later, when you are ready to want to find what you love!

This site is very user friendly.  I signed up using my facebook account with the click of a button.  Then, I drug a “clip” button to my toolbar.  You just click it while on the page you want to come back to later.  It looks like this…

You can easily create boards of any topic, then grab clips and choose which board they should go in, like the picture above.

You can also place the Clip button after your blog posts so that users can easily clip your content.  Here is what mine looks like…

I like the feature of being able to keep your clipboards private, share with friends, or with everyone.  I am also looking forward to trying out the iPhone app.  You can even group clipboards together in multiboards for better organization.  So far, I have a Valentine’s Day board (shown at beginning of post) and a printables board, but this multiboard feature will be handy as I continue to clip.  I often feature top 50 lists on my blog, so to have a “Craft” multiboard with clipboards on the various top 50 topics will come in handy.

Yet another feature I haven’t gotten to take advantage of yet is Syncboards, which can have multiple contributors.  What a great way to keep up with your friends and colleagues in real time.

This is going to be another addiction, I can tell already.  Insomnia, I have a feeling we will be getting together soon.

Watch the YouTube informational video , and join me on clipix!

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