Paper Pinwheel Home Decor

How to make a PinwheelMost things deemed party decor, I love to have up all the time.  Makes sense I guess.  What is not great about festive accents?  Enter pinwheels.  I see these around wedding receptions and other parties and have had them on my to do list for ages.  It occurred to me they are the perfect accent to replace the Christmas theme.  They are quick and easy to make, and with all the gorgeous scrapbook papers out there, they are easy to coordinate with any room.

How to make a Pinwheel


  • Decorative paper; Scrapbook 12×12 inch used here
  • glue stick
  • craft wire or twisty ties


  • Fold pleats along the width of your paper at about 1 inch increments.  Do this with 2 sheets of paper then crease each pleated sheet in the middle.

TIP:  To make pinwheels in different sizes, just vary the width of the paper.  The width (the direction in which you are folding the pleats) will be the diameter of the pinwheel.

  • Glue center edges together and fan each sheet out to a semicircle.   Attach each semicircle with craft wire as shown…Pinwheels
  • Pinwheel


  • Glue abutting edges using glue stick…

  • Let dry and place as desired.  How to make a Pinwheel

How to make a Pinwheel


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