Tea Towel to Stenciled Pillow

DIY tea towel pillow

It is my first ever sewn pillow!!  I am proud, being that I have used a sewing machine very little.  This is made from a tea towel I picked up at Target, along with a 14 inch pillow form.  I created a LOVE JOY PEACE text in Photoshop and cut it from vinyl with my cricut.  I wish I had taken pics of the process, but I was totally winging it, and had little faith that I was going to end up with anything I would want to share!  I will describe as best I can…

This towel was the perfect size for the 14 in pillow form, so I lucked out.  I decided to have a slot to make the pillow form removable, so I folded over a flap for the back, ironed where my seams would be, and sewed a straight stitch using my machine with the pillow inside out.  Here is the back (the image was already on the towel):

Tea towel pillow DIY

Since that photo, I have put velcro strips to close the flap.  Thought about buttons, but that was just way to advanced!

Before inserting the pillow form, I used Martha Stewart craft paint in black and a stencil brush to create the text.  I love this stuff cause you can use it on every surface!

Tea towel pillow DIY


Click here to download the stencil file.

Free Love Stencil


Stenciled Pillow DIY

What do you think?  Any easy easy easy sewing project you want to recommend to a newbie?

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