DIY Foamboard Lightbox

Photography tips

Do you want beautiful product photos without the cost of a professional studio?  This DIY light box will do the trick, and you won’t have to dip into your holiday gift fund!  There are many versions of this contraption using cardboard boxes.  I made one here, but it is small and therefore restrictive.  Today, I will show you how I used white foam board to create a big ol’ photo tent.


  • 5 pieces of foam board
  • White tissue paper
  • Clear packing tape
  • Utility knife
  • Overweight beagle (optional)

Photographing jewelry


  • Cut large windows out of three foam board pieces (2 sides, and top)

Photography tips

  • Tape tissue paper over the opening.  I taped it to the side of the box that would be facing towards the outside, so you are looking at what will be on the inside…

Photography tips

  • Tape your foam board pieces together to make a box, leaving the front open.  If your husband wants to put entirely too much tape on there after you are done, let him.  He loves you.

Photography tips

Here it is all set up.

Photography Tips

I use lamps I pick up at thrift stores, and 100W DAYTIME energy saving bulbs by GE.  Here I have a light source on top and on the left.  For more light, I would put one on the right.  You can just play with the lighting until you get the results you like.  Pretty hard not to get great photos with this bad boy.  Eliminate any unnatural lighting in the room besides your “studio” lamps.

What are your favorite photography tips and tricks?

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