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 Paper Crepe

I have developed quite the crush on garland lately, just cannot get enough.  The wide array of supplies used to make it never ceases to amaze me.  This project is perfect for you DIYers who love decorating with things you have on hand to create simple beauty from the everyday.  Please welcome Allison!

Hello All!  My name is Allison.  I am the one-woman show behind hoop~da~loop (, my Etsy shop of whimsical party decorations and unique gifts, and my little blog A Girl and Her Scout (  I am passionate about creating handmade party supplies and creating fun events that ooze personality with a dash of crazy!  I am so pleased to share a little DIY with you guys today that is EXTREMELY customizable for your needs and really affordable and simple!  See how to make these Crepe Paper Tassel Garlands in four easy steps below.




  • Crepe paper in any colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • String of any kind (I am using natural jute, but yarn, thread, hemp… it all works just as well.)


Step one:  Cute a few strips of crepe paper (in a square or rectangle shape).  Depending on how large you want to make your tassels, you can cut them at whatever length.  I suggest starting with five inches.  You can also make your tassels thicker and thinner.  I like to mix it up, but start with using three rectangles to get the hang of it and play with it from there.

Paper Crafts - Crepe Garland

Paper Crafts - Crepe Garland


Step two: Cut the crepe paper longwise almost to the middle on both sides.  (be sure to snip the ends if they are connected like mine!)  See photo below.

Paper Crafts - Crepe Garland

Paper Crafts - Crepe Garland

Step Three.  Twist the crepe paper in the middle tightly, gradually bending it into a loop and twist that a couple of times to make sure it stays in place.

Paper Crafts - Crepe Garland

Step Four:  String them on your string of choice!

Paper garland

Paper Garland

You can make these as long and as short as you want.  Hang your garlands in a nursery, at a wedding, or even attach them to lollipop sticks to create a cake topping.  The possibilities are endless!  And don’t forget- you don’t have to attach the tassels to the string.  You can put them on lots of things like this pail I have in my shop (  This would look really cute with some saltwater taffy for a wedding favor.

Paper crepe garland


What will you use your tassel garland for?

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