How Tile Color Affects Your Bathroom

glass tiles
A bathroom is one of the most difficult areas of a home to decorate. Everyone who visits your home – even short-term guests or one-off visitors – could find themselves in this room. So it’s important to get the look and ambiance right.

Many people focus on items such as sanitary-ware or storage when redesigning a bathroom. But one of the biggest ways you can change or shape the décor of a bathroom is to update its tiling.

Every bathroom has tiling, whether it is a contemporary wet room, or simply practical splashbacks. These touches can completely change the atmosphere of the room and should never be overlooked.

Like any room, color can make a huge difference to the environment. The hues that are select to adorn the walls can invite or repel and should be considered carefully. Whether you aim to create a warm, rustic atmosphere or a cutting-edge contemporary feel, there is a shade that will suit your purpose.

Owing to its clear aquatic connections, many homeowners select blues for their bathroom. But the spectrum is enormous: do you want to have dramatic, statement colour or a light, ambient splash? Pastels and soft hues are soothing and airy, and are particularly suited to large areas. Accent blues could include navy and royal shades, which may be worked in stripes or one-off tiles.

Alternatively, if you want to turn your bathroom into a modern-day powder room for the ladies of the household, pinks are the obvious choice. Candy-floss colors and ‘touch-of pink’ choices are excellent options for the majority of your walls. Or, if you’re feeling brave, fuchsia and rose are perfect.

Neutral colors like hessian and magnolia create a blank canvas for the rest of your décor, while not being as stark as brilliant white. However, if you want to introduce real drama, a monochrome palate of black, white and grey or silver – including options such as marble and granite – will give your bathroom a modern, striking look.

As well as color, there are all manner of patterns and effects available in a range of tiling options. Everything from metallic flecks to brocade embellishment can be found and, whether selected for every tile or simply one or two accent panels, they can give a sense of luxuriousness to the design.

Whatever your desired affect, bathroom tiles can achieve amazing and beautiful results that are limited only by your imagination.

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