Quick Guide to Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When thinking about bathroom renovation, most people focus on items such as tiles, sanitary-ware, flooring and even lights. Yet one of the most dramatic and effective changes you can make to a bathroom is by selecting a new bathroom vanity unit which updates or reflects the décor in the rest of the room.

Bathroom vanity units are the perfect mix of form and function. They enable you to put your own stamp on a bathroom inherited from a previous owner for relatively low cost, or to integrate a new style motif in the midst of a refit. They are practical, providing important storage, and also can be chosen in a range of designs that creates an attractive theme.

There is a massive selection of units to select from, depending on your needs and budgets. Do you want a stand-alone item or one which integrates with your bathroom counters and sink? Would shelving and drawers suit your purposes, or deep cupboards? What material would fit in with the rest of the design? All of these are important questions that will help you make the right decision.

First things first: it’s important to remember that space is of a premium in most bathrooms and, as such, you should choose a unit which properly fits the dimensions of your room. Common unit sizes range from 24-inch wide to 60-inch wide.

If space is tight, then units which incorporate hand basins, with cupboards and drawers beneath the counter, are ideal. However, for those with more space at their disposal, stand alone units create an elegant and stylish effect.

Next, there is the design of unit. In keeping with the current retro trend, there is a vast array of vintage-styled units reproduction units, which use a variety of materials to achieve the desired aesthetic result. Alternatively, more contemporary designs can be made from all manner of materials, including some which use Perspex, granite or even treated metals.

The choice of storage is also important, as it can contribute to the overall look. Traditionally, drawers and cupboards have been used to hide the (sometimes unsightly) necessary items for a bathroom (cleaning products, etcetera). However, open shelving allows you to display ornamental or stylish items – even linens – while also allowing you to place decorative baskets on them to store the essentials.

Whatever you choose to go with, bathroom vanity units are as important a selection as any other when designing a relaxing and inviting environment.

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