Spray Paint Goodwill Glass

Spray paint on glass

Accessorizing a colorful room can end up being pretty costly.  Especially when you are someone who gets bored and likes to change up the color palate frequently.  Decorate that room on a budget, without sacrificing style by spray painting thrift store glass jars and containers to coordinate.  The beauty of this tactic is that you get a big color bang for your buck, and when it is time for a change, you can just paint over your glass accessories!

How to Spray Paint Glass

  • Glass containers/vases/dishes/jars from garage sales or thrift stores
  • Krylon Indoor/ Outdoor and/or Krylon Dual spray paint


  • Clean the glass with glass cleaner, removing any debris, and dry thoroughly with lint free towel.  I got my glass at Goodwill on 50% off day and spent under $10!
  • Spray paint with several light coats until you are satisfied with the coverage.  I prefer Krylon Dual for this, as it has built in primer, but it doesn’t come in all that many colors as of yet.  I used it for the white jars and tray shown.  For the blue and yellow, I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor in Ocean Breeze and Bright Idea that I had left over from other projects.  I didn’t use primer first.  Just sprayed several light coats, allowing paint to dry in between.

Paint on glass

How to Spray Paint Glass

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