Polymer Clay What?

Polymer Clay TutorialsThere are some amazing things happening with polymer clay these days.  Since I have been in the studio for the past 72 hours and all I have to show you is a big ol craft fail (that is for another day), I thought I would share a jackpot source brimming with cool free tutorials I found recently. Might I just say, thank you pinterest!

Over at Iratirita is a three part series listing tons of tutorials for beautiful clay creations.  I am not even kidding… this must have taken forever to put together.  There is everything from beads, bracelets and pendants to surfaces, image transfers and more.  Some of the tutorials are not in English, but you can follow the pictures pretty well or just use Google translate.

A big thanks to Iratirita for compiling this wonderful clay project resource list.  I know where I am going for polymer inspiration!

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