Candy Wrapper Magazine Page Vase

Recycled paper crafts

These coiled magazine page crafts are quite the rage!  People ask me why I don’t sell them, and there are 2 reasons.  I don’t feel comfortable selling them since I didn’t come up with them, but instead replicated what I saw at my local fair trade store.  The second reason is because I would have to charge tons of cash to make it worth the amount of time that goes into creating them!  That said… here is a vase I created from mentos wrappers (saw this at the fair trade store) and magazine pages.

Recycled paper crafts vase

I would not put water in this, even though I sealed it, just because I am not sure it would hold up over time.  It would be great for paper crafted flowers or fake flowers from the craft store.  Maybe you could even make some from magazine pages.  Hmmm… I see another coiled paper project!

For this vase, I made a coaster sized round coil for the base, and built up and out from, then back in to follow the contour of a vase.  See this post on the coiled magazine page dish for tutorial details.  After the holidays, I hope to post some video tutorials on these projects.  I have had lots of requests, and little time, but I will come through!  Enjoy, and share your coiled page creations.

Recycled Paper Vase

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