Recycled Newspaper Coasters

recycled paper coastersIf you read the end of my last post, you had to know that coiled newspaper coasters were next, right?!  These are quite simple to create.  Not quick, as folding the paper into strips is time consuming, but easy and essentially free.  For my tutorial on creating the strips, click here.

Begin coiling your strips like you are making a circle and morph into square as shown below.  Or you could make round coasters!


recycled paper projects
recycled magazing page decor

To make the handy little coaster holder, make rectangles and attach them using hot glue and or crochet string.  Don’t forget to waterproof your coasters by sealing with Mod Podge (I prefer Matte finish for these) or your sealant of choice!

recycled newspaper coasters

Hmmm… what will I make out of coiled paper next???

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